Quality over Quantity: A Mantra

quality over quantity

Have you ever gone car shopping, picked out a car you really like, and then, as if out of nowhere, suddenly started noticing that car everywhere you go? Or maybe you just put a book on your to-read list, and suddenly it’s showing up in your social media feeds and at the checkout line at […]

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Redefining What It Means to Give, This Holiday Season and Into the New Year

redefining what it means to give

With the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales come and gone for the year, but the craze of the holiday season still fully intact, I want to focus your attention away from sales, shopping, and sugarplums for a moment. Because this season is also very much about something that’s bigger than buying: it’s […]

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Make Space for What Matters: Unplug & Disconnect

unplug and disconnect

Where is your cell phone sitting right now? Is it next to you on your desk, over on the kitchen counter — or better yet, in your hand? I can tell you that for me, that last option is where my cell phone has been far too often, for far too long. A wake up […]

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Creativity at Work & Play: Living an Amplified Existence

Creativity and Big Magic

“A creative life is an amplified life.” – Elizabeth Gilbert I recently finished a book — one of those books where right after you’ve finished it, you feel you could read it again, and again, and be inspired in a different way each time. It was Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, and I have no […]

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Revitalize Your Brand to Revitalize Your Business

brand revitalization

A few months ago, I got up on my favorite soapbox (my blog, of course!), and debunked three myths about branding. The first of those myths was that your brand can be created in no time — well, actually, that your brand can be created at all. Here’s why I had to falsify that thought: […]

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