The Harris Studios Process


Here’s how I work:

Brand Clarity Call

This is where we start. In this 30-minute, complimentary rendezvous, we get laser-focused on:
– where your brand stands
– where your brand needs to go to support your business’ growth.

Package Proposal

Post Brand Clarity Call, I’ll give you a chance to absorb what we talked about. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step towards growing your brand with authentic, meaningful design, we’ll work together in one of three ways:

blue_oval_brandboost blue_oval_brandboostamplify blue_oval_brandextension

Each of my packages includes one very important step: BRANCH

What is BRANCH?

Brand discovery through:
Research – qualitative research to uncover perceptions regarding your brand
Authentic design – according to your brand’s personality + target market
Necessity – uncovering your needs to align brand and business growth
Competitive analysis – evaluating direct competitors + like-minded businesses
History – discovering the roots of your brand’s history to ignite future success

The BRANCH process allows me to truly understand your business and current brand by researching the world around it.

I engage in qualitative research to tune in to your potential customers’ perceptions of your brand, I perform a thorough competitive analysis of both similar niche businesses as well as like-minded business models, and I dig into the internal roots of your brand.

From there, I propose the best trail to blaze in boosting your brand, then produce authentic, meaningful design according to your needs.

Why BRANCH? Because your brand begins with the roots, but spreads through the branches. We’ll build your new brand together in ways that inspire growth in your business.