The Healing Power of Art

Art heals

You know those days when you have a headache that just won’t seem to go away?

Or how about the days when you’re distracted and feeling completely incapable of getting through your (never-ending) to do list?

Or, perhaps the worst: the days when you’re simply not yourself… and you don’t quite know why — or what to do about it.

I’ve had all of the above. In fact, everyone I’ve known has had those days when they would love to crawl into bed and start over again tomorrow.

But a bad day doesn’t have to be a forgotten day. How do you turn it around? I’m here to share with you my solution; my saving grace: art.

Art heals

“At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer; a wordless trust of the same mystery is the foundation of your work and its integrity.”Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

My life is centered around art. I’m a graphic designer, a painter, and a conscious observer. I’m drawn to art as an expressive tool. Fortunately for me, art is largely based on creativity, and there’s sincere power in creativity.

Engaging in creative activities relieves stress. It increases your productivity. And it’s simply been proven to help you achieve more success in many facets of life.

For me, art is my job. But it’s also my go-to for the bad, sad, and tough days that get the best of us. And it can be your go-to, as well.

I have a feeling that I know what you might be thinking: you’re not creative. You’re not an artist. Take that thought and squash it right now. The beauty of turning to art as an outlet for healing is that there is no one way to do it “right.” And because of that, no one is an expert. It’s about progress over perfection, and discovery over domination. It’s about finding the outlet that improves your mood, your outlook, and ultimately, your situation.

What that might look like for you:

1 – Painting: a blank canvas, an easel, and a set of fresh paints.

2 – Writing: a notebook, a pen, and a head full of stories.

3 – Photography: a camera, a subject, and a source of light.

4 – Sewing: a needle, thread, and a choice of fabrics.

See where I’m going? Using art to heal looks different for everyone. Art is color. Art is words. Art is texture. Art is seeing the world through your own lens, and translating it in only the way you can. And through this, there is learning; there is expression; there is healing.

All you need to get started is an open mind, and the desire to turn your bad day around.

Use art as your outlet

Artist Susan Griffin said this:

“I think artists can go to a level of vision that can often save us from a situation which seems to have no solution whatsoever.”

You don’t have to be a full-time creative to be able to find that level of vision. You, my friend, are an artist. So remember, the next time that headache sets in, or the to do list seems insurmountable, or the day just seems lost: it happens. And when it does, I urge you to do this one thing: turn to art.

Create when things are good, create when things are sad, create when things are uncertain. Open yourself to the healing power of art and welcome the change in your days.

Travel Inspiration for the Creative Entrepreneur: Asheville, North Carolina

Love Asheville, NC

Every destination has a story. Exploring new places, discovering their stories, and bringing the inspiration back to breathe new life into my design and painting is key to my work — especially so I can help other destinations uncover their brand. Welcome to Travel Inspiration!

In this Travel Inspiration edition, I explore Asheville, North Carolina. I had the privilege of heading south to Asheville in March for a business retreat with Christine Kane.

There’s no other way to say it: from the time you grab a taxi driven by an aspiring poet to the musicians serenading walkers on the street, the authentic spirit and artistic essence of Asheville is simply palpable. With the addition of the Blue Ridge Mountains setting a beautiful backdrop, Asheville has easily become one of my favorite places to visit as a graphic designer and painter.

What’s more: Asheville has owned its inspiring culture through its bold but warm brand and the experiences to be had there.

Experiences + brands that impress

In a place surrounded by so much beauty and truly fantastic people, it’s tough not to find inspiration at every turn. Here are four experiences — and brands — that truly left a mark on me:

Asheville’s Salt Cave

After two days of adrenaline-rushing, mind-racing, idea-flowing business coaching, my body and mind were craving a place of relaxation.

My fellow retreat attendee recommended the Asheville Salt Caves. For her, just one hour in the cave felt like four days of vacation at the ocean. For me, my short time spent there allowed me a relaxing experience and renewal in a deep meditative state. If there’s anything I’ve learned as a solo business owner, it’s that full-immersion work on your business is critical to moving forward, but self-care through release and renewal are just as important. It’s all about balance.

The Salt Cave experience has stuck with me even as we conquer the lion that spring came in as in the Finger Lakes. The people behind the Salt Cave know its benefits — the environment’s healing, restorative properties — and have communicated that through its whole brand, from design to packaging and through its services.


An herbal apothecary and natural remedy store (doesn’t that just sound amazing?), Herbiary simply does it right. Owned by a strong and powerful friend, Maia Toll, the store carries hundreds of medicinal herbs, essential oils, teas, tinctures, flower essences, and body care products.

Maia is honest and transparent when it comes to her practice. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers — but she is dedicated to learning and sharing as much as possible. Her humility and passion shine through her brand loud and clear, from her website to the packages she offers.

In case you’re wondering, I left with an essential oil called “Mental Clarity.” I keep it by my computer to turn to on days when I simply need a burst of energy.

The Black Bird restaurant

Art and music are unmistakably a huge part of Asheville culture, but its food deserves the same pedestal. Just one of the many memorable restaurants we ate at was The Black Bird.

The menu focuses on local: seasonal bests from local farmers and fresh catches from the coasts of the Carolinas. But not only was the food amazing, the ambiance — the environment created — was truly inspiring. Particularly notable for me was the wall sculpture of blackbirds soaring. Extending your brand to your interior design as a brick-and-mortar place of business is a dimension and opportunity not to be forgotten. It truly brings the experience full circle.

French Broad Chocolates

Guilty: I cannot go to Asheville without stopping at French Broad Chocolates. (Let’s just say chocolate is essential to release, renewal, and mental clarity, as well!)

You’ll notice something quick about French Broad Chocolates: there’s always a line out the door for its hot chocolate, cakes, brownies, and chocolate boxes to go. That’s for a good reason. Not only does the shop do chocolate and baking right, but it creates a true experience around its brand with its chocolate “lounge” and “bean-to-bar” factory. Its story emanates through the ambiance, packaging, and service.

Let travel inspire you

A destination encompasses so much. Its brand is determined by its people, its natural environment, its created experiences, and so much more. Every place has a story. Asheville owns its story as a place for creatives looking for inspiration, restoration, and a nurturing culture. For me, the inspiration found in Asheville will fuel my creativity as long as I can recall the memories made.

Where have you been lately that’s inspired you, in life or business? Share with me below!

Next up in Travel Inspiration: I’m headed to Santa Monica, California! It’s been nearly a year since my last trip to Santa Monica, but the inspiration has remained. I look forward to it being renewed, and sharing that story with you.