Revitalize Your Brand to Revitalize Your Business

brand revitalization

A few months ago, I got up on my favorite soapbox (my blog, of course!), and debunked three myths about branding.

The first of those myths was that your brand can be created in no time — well, actually, that your brand can be created at all. Here’s why I had to falsify that thought: your brand is something that, with time, you’ll uncover. It’s your job to embrace that discovery and then illuminate it.

There’s another piece of evidence, though, when it comes to debunking the myth that your brand is a one-time creation. And that’s this: over time, your brand will evolve.

The evolution of a brand

The three initial keys I gave to discovering/uncovering your brand were these:

1. Observe. Watch your clients, and document how they interact with your business and current brand.

2. Research. Survey clients, analyze the competition, and create benchmarks.

3. Evaluate your mission. Identify the audience(s) you most want to serve, and learn how you can best serve them.

Now, that is, of course, the abbreviated version of each of those steps. I won’t dive in further right now, but here’s the important thing to take note of: none of the actions listed above are a one-time task.

You should always be observing.

You should always be researching.

You should always be evaluating whether your mission still fits your audience, and vice versa.

And as you continuously do each of these things, here’s what will happen: your brand will evolve.

A case study for a Brand Boost

Because we often hear that consistency is the most important thing in branding, it’s often thought that your brand can never change.

I urge you to consider this, though: your brand is the feelings, biases, and inclinations that flood your clients’ and prospects’ minds when they hear or see your organization’s name. It’s an emotional connection that rarely stays stagnant.

And so the truth is, as your business grows, your brand often needs to change to reflect that growth and keep the doors open to unlimited possibility.

This was illustrated for me perfectly through a recent client project. The task? Give new life to the brand of Ferris Hills, an independent and enriched senior living community in the Finger Lakes. Naturally, this called for a Brand Boost.

Ferris Hills realized that it had outgrown its branding. And it did this by observing, researching, and evaluating its mission over time.

In observing and researching, the organization realized what its residents really loved about the community and what sets it apart from others: its proximity to Canandaigua Lake as well as Thompson Hospital; its options for meals, activities, and events; the carefree living it allows for.

A fresh take on the good life

What the Brand Boost resulted in for Ferris Hills: an updated logo, a wave of new photography, and design of a beautiful brochure that captures the essence of the good life.

We’ve interwoven design elements — from colors like greens and lavenders to scripted fonts — that evoke a sense of happiness, vitality, and calm.

Ferris Hills isn’t your standard senior living center. When they lead with “I promised myself the good life…” they let you fill in the blank with whatever that might mean, and then they strive to create it. The campus at West Lake is a hub of activity where life sincerely gets better.

Revitalize your brand

Change is good. It means you’re observing, analyzing, and evaluating the environment you’re operating in and the audience(s) you most want to serve, and keeping an open mind as to how you can do it better.

Your brand will naturally evolve as you grow, and it’s your job, business owner, to let it.

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