Warm Letters From the Heart (and Soul) of Your Business

handwritten letters

There’s nothing quite like heading out to the mailbox and spying an envelope that clearly isn’t a #10, stock white, windowed piece of mail surely containing a bill, donation request, appointment reminder, or credit card offer. It’s that feeling of warmth that comes from seeing a friend or family member’s handwriting; the anticipation that follows as you wonder what might be inside.

But unfortunately, it’s more of an exception rather than a rule these days. Snail mail is a thing of the past…Or is it?

A Valentine’s Day reminder

Remember this time of year back in grade school, when we were tasked with bringing in enough valentines to pass around? Some were homemade with construction paper and markers; some were store bought with fun characters and designs; still others were attached to suckers or conversation hearts (yum!).

If you’re anything like me, your heart fluttered as you walked around the room passing out your creations — and it flip-flopped even more so as your desk became littered with valentines signed from other people in your class. (Especially that person…we all had that person.)

Aside from the celebration of Valentine’s Day, there was something that made the exchange of valentines particularly special — the fact that it was the one time we could count on getting handwritten notes.

Adding a personal touch

For the most part, the love of receiving handwritten notes doesn’t fade well into adulthood. While we shun junk mail and sometimes attempt to avoid the post office at all costs (particularly around the holidays), there is still something incredibly special about the oft-forgotten method of communicating that is snail mail.

Digital communications make life convenient — and I’m incredibly grateful for email, social media, and other digital forms of communication for so many reasons (my location-independent graphic design business being one of them). But with the prevalence of such channels, they’ve largely lost their personal touch: the personal touch that comes from knowing that someone picked out a card or purchased special stationery, took the time to write a message and sign their name, address and stamp it, and drop it into a mailbox.

Warm, handwritten notes are incredibly important in a world of colder communications.

Don’t wait for opportunity — create it

Connecting with others via handwritten notes can apply to so many facets of life — for me, I use them to build relationships as a business owner, a friend, and a daughter/mom/wife/sister.

While holidays provide the perfect catalyst, don’t wait for them to pop up — create your own opportunities to connect with those around you.

Here are a few ideas for how to do just that:

– Send a quick thank you to a client: for their business, for their referrals, for their appreciation of your work

– Choose a friend to surprise with a random note to say you’re thinking of them

– Grab a few cute, anytime cards and have them on hand for when you feel a family member could use a pick-me-up

A fun tip: Sites like Postable help you easily collect addresses and will remind you when birthdays are approaching. I also like to put my handwriting to the test by writing reminders in my paper planner.

Timely as it is with Valentines Day fast approaching now, what if you were to simply schedule a letter-writing session of approximately 10-20 minutes once per week? When that calendar reminder pops up, you can grab a sheet of stationery or a card, write it out, and mail it. Whoever’s on your mind is the perfect candidate.

Make someone’s day

How easy is it to make someone’s day? All it takes is $0.49 and a little focused writing time. Worth it? Absolutely. It makes you feel important. It makes others feel important.

Spoiler alert! I’m beginning work on revamping my fine art website in just a few weeks — and before we know it, it’ll be live. In the shop there, I’ll be selling notecard sets you can keep on hand for those snail mail letter writing sessions.