The Spring Effect: Brighten Up Your Brand

Spring Brand RefreshDriving down the roads of the Finger Lakes region lately, it’s tough not to notice the shift taking place. At first, the thought goes something like this: “boy, does it look pretty out here.” Then, you think, “well, this area is always pretty.” So, what’s changed?

Spring has sprung. Leaves have returned to the trees. Lilacs are in full blossom. Cardinals, blue jays, and other colorful birds adorn the trees and fill the air with music.

While spring may have “officially” began in March, it’s only now that we’re seeing what makes it so glorious.

Infusing spring into your brand

Each turn of the season reminds us of how colorful the world really is, no matter where you might be. Winter shows us how blue things can get, while spring is all about a fresh start, signified by the sudden sprouts of green everywhere that mark the coming of brighter, longer days. It’s in the trees, the lawns, and nearly every plant that surrounds us, inspiring joy as we walk or drive amongst it.

So, with the turn to spring, it’s only right that we take some of that energy and infuse it into our brand.

What green can do for your brand

As a general reminder, color is complex. To make one blanket statement about what green signifies or stands for would be over-simplifying a color that can evoke a variety of emotions.

Let’s start by exploring general associations we make with different shades of green:

Green: Standard green (think: grass) is reminiscent of health, freshness, serenity, growth, environment, and vitality.

Dark greens: Darker shades of green (think olive green; money) often denote wealth, prestige, or envy, but can also signify an environmental aspect.

Light greens: Finally, lighter green tones often promote a calming effect, evoking feelings of balance and harmony.

There’s a lot going on when it comes to green. Which is why you’ll see it in so many brands that span a variety of industries, attempting to portray a diverse set of emotions and, in return, evoke different responses among various target markets.

Consider Garnier. The brand uses a lighter, brighter green that practically shouts fresh, vibrant, and healthy for hair and skin products.

Then there’s Starbucks. Its brand is of a more sophisticated note, using the darker green that can also be representative of its devotion to environmentally-friendly sourcing.

The epitome of “going back to the Earth”, John Deere uses a more standard green tone to establish itself as a tool for growth and environment.

Oh — and one final fun fact about the color green? Many argue that it’s the easiest color on the eyes. (So, visitors to your brand can feast their eyes for even longer.)

Spring doesn’t stop at green

The freshness of spring most certainly comes from the abundance of green, but it’s even more rejuvenating when dotted with sudden, intense pops of color, like the vibrant purple of the lilacs. After all, the real potential of using color to evoke emotions requires knowing how to use colors together, seamlessly, to create just the right amount of contrast and lead your viewer’s eyes where you want them to take action.

I’ve said it before (and I’ll keep repeating for reinforcement!): color is one of the most important and powerful aspects of your brand. It’s fascinating, really. Research shows that it takes just 90 seconds for a customer to form an opinion about a product — and 62-90% of that interaction is determined by color, alone.

Powerful to say the least, right?

The spring effect

For me, spring is all about rejuvenation, growth, and vitality. For you, it might mean fresh air and serene nights.

While spring looks a little different for everyone, one thing’s for certain: it can play an important role in setting the tone of your brand.

Want to learn more about how color affects your brand’s impact? Download my handy What Does Your Brand Say? workbook, and when you’re ready, get in touch to set up a complimentary Brand Clarity Call so we can really dig in.

In the meantime, stop and smell the flowers, and enjoy the ever-lengthening days!

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